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Biology and Ecology

book image The Biology of Streams and Rivers (Biology of Habitats)
Paul S. Giller and Bjorn Malmqvist

Easy-to-read book on streams, valuable for undergraduates and the general public. Stream habitats, the organisms that live in those habitats, and ecological issues such as species diversity and human impact.

book image Streams: Their Ecology and Life
Colbert E. Cushing and J. David Allan

A highly recommended book. The authors have provided academic and lay people alike with a complete resource on stream ecology. Filled with color photographs, charts, and other illustrations.

book image Limnology
Robert G. Wetzel

A popular introductory college textbook on lakes, reservoirs and streams. An excellent text for those with some science background who want to know more about their watersheds.

book image Pond and Brook: A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments
Michael J. Caduto

This readable book begins with a study of water and freshwater ecosystems, then goes on to examine ponds, streams, and wetlands. An excellent primary text for elementary school teachers and high school students, and an enjoyable read for anyone.

book image Stream Ecology : Structure and function of running waters
J. D. Allan

A superb advanced text for college students and specialists in stream ecology. Covers all areas of stream ecology.

book image Silenced Rivers
Patrick McCully

Discusses the social, economic, and ecologic impacts of large dams. Detailed and informed analysis of the problems with large dams.

book image Ecology of Fresh Waters
Brian Moss

An in-depth and thorough description of freshwater ecology, including the chemistry, physics, and biology of streams and an examination of the effects of man-made interventions like reservoirs. Perfect for the college student or professional.

book image A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America
J. Reese Voshell Jr.

The biology, life history, behavior, and ecology of freshwater invertebrates. An informative guide that is of equal interest to the general public, students, and professionals. Color illustrations.

book image Biology and Habitat, Part I, Aquatic Insect Ecology
J. V. Ward

This is the premier text for understanding the ecology of stream-dwelling insects: their life-cycles, habitats, their responses to environmental variables, and their interactions.


book image Water: A Natural History
Alice Outwater

A beginner's guide to water, this book comes with high recommendations from readers. Outwater, an environmental engineer, has plenty to say about water treatment and the history of freshwater ecology in the U.S..

book image Fresh Water
E. C. Pielou

Pielou has excellent comprehension of hydrology and water balance, and has created a book that will convey much of this understanding to the layperson. She even includes field observations that can be made by the amateur hydrologist or stream monitor using homemade equipment. Pielou's book makes clear the intimate relationships between ground water and surface water. Those seeking an understanding of why the world is running out of potable water will find answers here.

book image A View of the River
Luna Leopold

A professional hydrologist deals with hydrology. Stream morphology, measurement, sediment load, and drainage network are among the subjects examined. Mathematical operations provide a feast for the arithmetically-inclined, but there is plenty here for other environmental professionals and the layman as well.

book image Water, Rivers, and Creeks
Luna Leopold

Extends hydrological explanations to the level of the layperson. The water cycle, hydrology, management of water as a resource, and water policy are wrapped into one highly readable text. Dams and irrigation are discussed. Valuable investment for the teacher, high school or college student, policymaker, and environmentally-minded citizen.

book image Water Follies : Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Freshwaters
Robert Glennon

This readable book covering the history, hydrology, and law of groundwater explains exactly how its unlimited pumping in America to support irrigation and development will critically affect all of us. Includes numerous case histories as well as excellent suggestions for concrete actions that can be taken to conserve groundwater for future generations.

book image Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource
Marq de Villiers

Highly readable report on the looming global water crisis. Canadian journalist De Villiers travels around the world to examine the present state of the planet's water supplies.

Field Guides

book image Methods in Stream Ecology
F. Richard Hauer and Gary A. Lamberti

An excellent field book, useful to both beginners and experts. Includes sampling protocols, formulae, datasheets, illustrations, and keys to plants and invertebrates. Useful for the stream monitor, the professional, and the teacher.

book image Guide to the Study of Freshwater Biology
James George Needham and Paul R. Needham

This classic includes keys and line drawings to help laymen identify plants and animals in streams and ponds.

book image Adopting a Stream: A Northwest Handbook
Steve Yates

A stream ecology primer that is easy to read, with many illustrations. Provides directions on how community and school groups can help protect and restore local streams. Written for northwest watersheds, it is useful for any watershed.

book image Restoring Life in Running Waters: Better Biological Monitoring
James R. Karr and Ellen W. Chu

This book is of critical value to any stream assessment or restoration effort. Primary author Karr is the originator of the IBI index, which measures and describes the biological integrity of a stream (therefore its health). Superb--and readable.

book image Applied River Morphology
Dave Rosgen

Rosgen's coding for description of river morphology, or the shape and form of riverbeds, has become a standard in government agencies. It makes stream surveys easier and quicker to do, while providing more information than ever before.

book image An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America
Richard W. Merritt and Kenneth W. Cummins

The most definitive book in existence on this subject, this huge, spirally-bound paperback is packed with dichotomous keys allowing the user to identify nearly every aquatic insect to be found in the U.S.. Included is ample ecological information on the various genuses and species.

book image Restoring Streams in Cities: A Guide for Planners, Policymakers, and Citizens
Ann L. Riley

Do you have a stream in your city that you would like to restore? Riley's book will put you solidly on the road toward your goal.

book image The Streamkeeper's Field Guide: Watershed Inventory and Stream Monitoring Methods
Thomas Murdoch and Martha Cheo (eds.)

Gives detailed instruction on watershed inventory and stream monitoring methods. A book everyone can use, from the Adopt-a-Stream Foundation.

Statistical Analysis

book image Practical Statistics for Field Biology
Jim Fowler et al.

An incredibly useful statistical book for the biologist; sifts through the massive field of statistics to glean the techniques that are useful to biologists. Explanatory, brief, and easy to follow.

book image Biostatistical Analysis
Jerrold H. Zar

Widely acclaimed as the end-all of statistical manuals for the biologist, Zar's book is a veritable encyclopedia of statistical methods. Plentiful examples are utilized, and the latest edition of the book has been updated to allow use by those familiar with computer statistical packages like SPSS.

book image Modelling and Quantitative Methods in Fisheries
Malcolm Haddon

Excellent book on population modelling and statistical methods with an emphasis of study of fish populations. Can be understood by all biologists. This accessible book provides the reader with a complete understanding of methods and includes examples of Excel spreadsheets to help the student along.

Streams and People

book image The Riverkeepers : Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment As a Basic Human Right
John Cronin and Robert Francis Kennedy

Written by the two men who founded Riverkeepers, now a nation-wide American river protection group. In telling the story of the restoration of the Hudson River in New York, the authors inform the reader about environmentalism in the U.S.--and the political pressures and games that can defeat it. An inspirational tale of persistence and triumph.

book image Cadillac Desert
Marc Reisner

A classic. The late Reisner describes the history of water development in the American Southwest. His famous book is a fascinating examination of the causes of the twin disasters of destroyed rivers and western water shortages. The roles of politicians, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Reclamation in these disasters are elucidated.

book image Salmon Without Rivers: a History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis
Jim Lichatowich

Pulling no punches, Lichatowich explains just exactly how the Pacific West Coast in the U.S. went from rivers teeming with huge salmon to a ecological desert with only a few endangered populations remaining. Crucial to any understanding of the interaction of humans and salmon.

book image First Fish, First People: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim
Judith Roche and Meg McHutchison

The native peoples of the North Pacific Rim developed a rich mythology around salmon, which provided them for so long with food and formed an integral part of their culture. Poems, stories, narratives, folktales, oral histories and essays by indigenous writers from two continents.

book image A River No More: The Colorado River and the West
Philip L. Fradkin

A concise history of the development and utilization of the Colorado River. How it came to be that one of America's greatest rivers ends in a salty puddle that no longer empties into the sea.

book image A River Lost: The Life and Death of the Columbia
Blaine Harden

Well-written and enthralling history of the taming of the Columbia River. Through many stories, the author describes the economic and environmental effects of damming the mighty Columbia.

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